Parents 'must stop checking phones in front of children'

Damaging youngsters' mental health: Child health education specialist Dr Aric Sigman says parents need to act as good role models by not allowing their technology to 'amputate' family conversations (file picture)

Dr Sigman, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, believes areas of family life need to be protected from 'intrusions by entertainment screens'. 

He said heads should also urge parents to slash their children's 'excessive' recreational screen time outside school to no more than two hours a day – the level recommended by health bodies around the world.

They must intervene because 'screen misuse at home can have an impact on mental health', which makes it 'school business'. 

He said parents should give their children the 'gift of boredom' as it teaches them to entertain themselves.

Dr Sigman will make the claims at a Mental Health in Schools conference today, organised by charity YoungMinds and Kingston Grammar School.

Alarming: Dr Sigman points to official data showing that, by age seven, children will have watched screens recreationally for nearly one full year of 24-hour days, rising to three full years by the age of 18 (file picture)

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Tamera Mowry Offers Her Top Parenting Tips for Other New Moms: "Have Patience With Yourself"

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According to, Tamera Mowry-Housley may have just given birth on Wednesday, July 1, but she's been around the block before with her 2-year-old son Aden — and she learned a thing or two along the way. Prior to welcoming daughter Ariah Talea Housley with husband Adam Housley, the then-pregnant Sister, Sister alum stopped by Us Weekly's New York City office to share her parenting wisdom.

Mommy tip No. 1? If you can't get your kids to eat their vegetables, try getting them to drink their vegetables!

"Juicing is the way to go," the Real co-host, 36, told Us. "You just add some apple juice, carrot juice, kale, and spinach, and you put that in your Vitamix. Aden loves it."

As announced by her husband on Twitter, Mowry-Housley welcomed her second child on July 1. "We are so blessed and excited right now," the former pro baseball player, 42, wrote Wednesday night. "Ariah Talea Housley was born at 2:54...she looks so much like Aden. :)"

Mommy tip No. 2 is a little more philosophical — but no less important. "This is a big one. When you're transitioning your child from the nursery bed to the toddler bed, have patience," she advised. "Have patience with your child, and not only that, have patience with yourself." 

Tamera Mowry - Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

As announced by her husband on Twitter, Mowry-Housley welcomed her second child on July 1. "We are so blessed and excited right now," the former pro baseball player, 42, wrote Wednesday night. "Ariah Talea Housley was born at 2:54...she looks so much like Aden. :)"

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Does your child harass you? This book gives you tips on taking care of your little rascals. It could be worth the read

Grover, in Manhattan, offers lucid nibbles of counsel, contextual analyses from his 20 years working with families and individual stories he could call his own trials as the father of two young ladies, now 12 and 15.

Source: AP

There's a distinction in child rearing between a little sass and children really harassing their adults.

Grover: Absolutely there's additional. I think we may be staggering. I'm not certain about falling flat.

You get into a weird circumstance where the less folks give things like structure and limits, similar to previously, the more children start to misbehave. They're unwittingly waving banners: 'Will you do something here, satisfy?' It's this insane move where children will push their guardians until they set a point of confinement and once they do, things settle down rapidly.

How do we recover our parent power?

Grover: So frequently we regard child rearing as one size fits all. Systems as a rule start by moving in reverse. Instead of attempting to snuff out the issue, what's bringing on the issue? As opposed to attempting to control a contention or control a circumstance, take a gander at the entire youngster and locate what's missing.

You’ve spoken about your own struggles as a parent.

Grover: When my oldest daughter was about 6 she’d have these horrific temper tantrums, meltdowns, screaming. I was at a New Year’s Day celebration and she was making such a scene. Being a therapist, I was dying a million deaths. She was screaming, running away from me, telling me to shut up. And when I went home, I looked at my parenting books and I just wanted to throw all of them out the window. They were just so generic. It was as if one parenting script fits all cultures.

In my book, really I’m asking parents to consider their history, their culture, their upbringing When Kids Call the Shots. What kind of parenting did they get, what were their parents’ light qualities, what were their dark qualities? To crawl inside that and have them come to some realization of where they come from, where they are and where they want to go as a parent. I went to go see a parenting specialist and paid him a lot of money. We had been doing all the usual parent things, you know, punishments, consequences, making lists, and it was like running a prison. It was so miserable.

The parenting expert said I want you to have breakfast with your daughter three times a week. I was like what? And he said during that time you do not talk about yourself, you do not offer any advice, criticisms, you don’t tell stories. You just give yourself completely to her. I was so desperate at that point and we went to a restaurant and she just devoured that level of attention. She was a pure delight to be with. It triggered a maturing process.

So on a trip later to Maine she had a meltdown and we talked and finally it came out. She bursts out crying: ‘You love my sister more than me.’ I always shudder to think, had I not taken this route, if I would have gone through punishing and consequences, I probably would have won the battle but I would have lost my daughter. 

To the Mum who lost herself

Lyndsi Fradden thinks that motherhood should be an Olympic sports and here's her letter to you.

Dear Mom Who Has Lost Herself,

You have been warned about this. You have heard other moms complain about it. You’ve desperately tried to avoid getting to this place, yet here you are.

That confident, carefree, driven, motivated, laugh-with-the-wind girl is gone. In her place stands a lonely, lost, let down woman who hasn’t seen the other side of a shower in days and can’t remember the last time “ambition” fell within her vocabulary.

You have lost yourself.

Some might feel sorry for you. But not me.

I applaud you.

You are doing something right.

There is a somewhat backward philosophy that mothers should cling to who they were before kids and diapers ever entered the picture. It’s a fear that if you let motherhood take over, you might not recognize yourself when you emerge on the other side. I believe this is a false expectation. Once you become a mother, you are no longer yourself. Your life is no longer centered around you, but rather a tiny, perfect little person who is completely dependent upon you. Gone are the days when you can easily go shopping without a care in the world, catch a last-minute chick flick with your friends, or even make a quick trip to the store for a gallon of milk. And that’s OK. Change is uncomfortable, yet necessary for us to become better. Motherhood is change and, therefore, uncomfortable!

Imagine the first time your child colors a picture. Would you scold her for coloring outside the lines? Of course not. What about the second, or third time? I highly doubt it. You know that with a little practice and growth, she will eventually learn. Motherhood is no different. Each day as a mother is a new learning experience, with a child who is also different than he or she was yesterday. You will constantly feel like you are blindly navigating, because you are. And just when you feel like you have it figured out, something will change. And that will remain true until the day they pack their bags and leave you behind. (And even then, they will still call home for help.)

I wish they would show more Olympic medalists preparing to compete. When you watch these athletes on TV, they are conditioned and well-trained. But what you don’t see much of is the “behind the scenes” footage. The many months spent struggling, practicing and sometimes failing.

Motherhood should be an Olympic sport, really.

Some days — most days, even — you might feel like you have failed. You might not recognize the woman you see in the mirror. You might have practice wounds, some visible, some only you can feel. But the more you practice, the less you will hurt. And the more confident you will become.

And in the eyes of your little ones, the “judges” who really matter? You will bring home the gold.

Your friend,

A Mother Who Relates

Lyndsi is the creator of the Facebook page For All Momkind and author to the For All Momkind blog. She has many titles including Wife, Kindergarten Teacher, Sister, and her favorite title, Mom.

Tips for making kids smarter about Money

(Photo: The Associated Press)

(Photo: The Associated Press)

Gabrielle Karol, News104:25 p.m. PDT March 30, 2015

According to Gabrielle, Millennials may have lived through the Great Recession – but it hasn't made them good at managing their money.

A recent FINRA report found that 23 percent of Millennials were spending more than they earned, and 31 percent had unpaid medical bills.

Lack of financial literacy likely starts at home, and few schools teach it. A 2013 survey by Citi and Parenting found that while nine in 10 parents agree that financial education is important, nearly half don't have regular conversations with their children about money. George Washington Carver High School teacher Farrah Poladi, who teaches the school's mandatory financial literacy course, says students come in with little financial know-how.

"Typically, it's zero. Typically, they've heard of credit cards, they've heard of student loans, but they don't quite understand what it all means, like what is an interest rate or what's an APR," Poladi said.

While the school's course received rave reviews from graduating seniors, it's not necessary – or advisable – to wait until the end of high school to start teaching children about money. Lighthouse Financial Planning's Debbie Grose, a certified financial planner and mother of two boys, said parents should start educating kids about money as early as they can.

"You can use them as a natural guide as to when to start the conversation. When they start to ask questions, it means they're interested, they want to learn about it and they have some sort of context from which they're asking," Grose said.

Grose says the first and most important thing to explain is the concept of "needs versus wants."

"I said, you know, money is a finite thing, and you only have so much of it, and there are certain things we need, like groceries, and to pay our mortgage and to pay for our car and the gas to get around, and then what's left after all the needs are paid for are the wants," Grose said.

The best tool for making this concept come to life is an allowance. Grose advised not tying allowance to chores (as children who don't do their chores will be deprived of valuable money lessons). It should also be used to teach kids the importance of saving and donating to charity.

"What I've told them is 10 percent of every dime they get has to be saved. Saving is for a rainy day, or if they have some big thing they want to purchase, like a bike, or if we're going to Disneyland … I also require that an additional 10 percent of their allowance or any money that they get be saved for charity," Grose said.

Once children enter middle school, Grose said parents can open up a real savings account to familiarize them with banking. Some banks even have "Young Savers" accounts, where the bank will match a certain amount of savings.

As teens head into high school, parents should start talking about the cost of college. Grose says it's best to be upfront about whether you're willing to contribute, what you have saved, and what your child will be expected to pay.

"The students that are more invested in the decision-making, and they understand … it's just a better outcome for the students and the parents," Grose said.

High school is also the time when parents can tackle more challenging concepts, like credit cards, loans, investing and renting versus owning.



We hereby apologise for an almost quiet 2014, the website is under-going changes and we promise great changes this beautiful year.

Μay 2015 be Α better year for Αll of us.

Μay we love οurselves more and Βe kinder to οthers.

Μay we have Μore so we can dο more.

Μay we Βe filled with lοve, fueled with Ρassion, strengthened Βy faith and hοpe.

Μay we allow Gοd to work Ιn each οf us.

May God Almighty restore all that we lost in 2014.

Welcome 2015!!!

Thank you very much for your patience.

With love,

From The Mom-stop Team.

Yay Or Nay! An Online Community where you can Donate, Buy and Sell Natural Breast Milk!!!

Hey Moms look what i found... I stumbled on an online community for Moms to buy, sell and donate natural breast milk, how intriguing is this?!?

Here's their story:

Moms with babies in need want an easy way of buying breast milk at a competitive price and many moms breastfeeding babies need the extra income so they can work from home by selling their breast milk. My hopes for this site is to connect these moms together.

Chelly the Founder and a mom who wants the best for her baby and wants to help other moms give their babies what they think is best too. There is a great demand for a community for moms to buy and sell their breast milk. She believes that if one mom has extra breast milk and another does not have enough there should be a place for them to connect that is clean safe and private. Which resulted in creating the only way to buy or sell breast milk was by posting your personal info on blogs. There are thousands of moms looking for a place to buy and sell their breast milk. So with her husband's web development help, She decided to make this breast milk classified service and provide a great community for moms to buy and sell their breast milk. She wants the community to serve the needs of moms and to ultimately help more babies get only the best and believe that breast milk is the best! That’s how she came up with the name “Only the Breast”.

Interesting Yea? It is a great form of women empowerment especially to stay at home moms looking to earn extra income.

This is not a trend in Nigeria but Nigerian Moms would you donate or sell breast milk? And if you are in need would you Buy breast milk?


Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State has approved six months maternity leave for female public servants who just gave birth to new born babies.

The six months maternity leave shall be for the first two babies to be delivered by any female civil servant, while on giving birth to the third baby, the maternity leave would be reduced to the initial three months.

At a news conference on Thursday at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alausa, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, the Head of Service, Josephine Williams, said the government has approved 24 weeks maternity leave with full pay in the case of a nursing mother’s first two deliveries, saying that the said leave shall commence at least two weeks before the expected delivery date.

She added that a male officer to whom a new baby (or babies in case of multiple births) is born shall be entitled to 10 working days paternity leave in relation to and at the time of his spouse’s first two deliveries.

“Any third and subsequent deliveries by any employee shall only attract 12 weeks maternity leave for female officers, while the male officer shall not be entitled to paternity leave in that circumstance.

“In other words, leave entitlement in respect of the third and subsequent children of an employee shall be in line with the extant (now old) maternity leave regulations. It would be recalled that in the old dispensation, female officers were entitled to only 12 weeks maternity leave at every point of delivery, while male officers do not enjoy paternity leave. The 12 weeks were to be taken six weeks before and six weeks after delivery,” she said.

According to Williams, the new leave gesture by government was further informed by the fact that nursing mothers leave their children in the hands of carers at such tender age of six weeks and that one could not imagine the level of concentration to expect from such an employee at her desk.

“However, at six months, a baby is considered strong enough to be left in a decent crèche for proper care having gone through close affection and nurturing by the mother for those very important and delicate first few months of his or her life,” she stated.

“While it is hoped that nursing parent-employees in Lagos State Public Service would utilise this privilege to devote fuller attention to their children, thereby promoting emotional bonding between parent and children when it matters the most, all public officers are again enjoined to remain dedicated and productive in their various beats and schedules,” she added.

Williams said the new policy took effect immediately, saying government is appealing to other employers of labour to take a cue from this lofty policy in order to advance a balanced family-work life.

Absolutely a wonderful news I hope the Banking Industry most especially would follow this policy as soon as possible :).

source: P.M. News online


We all want to be the best mom to our adorable ones, sometimes we go through phases such as postpartum depression, being over weight, confused about how to nurture our kids, dealing with picky eaters and so on. Mom-stop has partnered with Baby Grubz to bring an opportunity to you sweet mothers.

Seminar: Excellence in Motherhood: "Learn smart options to keep your sanity and everything else together!"

Event Details:

DATE: Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014
Starts with exhibition by 10am
VENUE: 7 Amore, Str, Off Toyin St, Ikeja, Lagos

The Panelists  and workshop speakers Include:
Bola Dele-Olukoju,
The Host, BabyHood TV and Radio, Parenting;

Mary Ikoku,
The Editor, Working Moms Africa Magazine, Work-Life Balance;

Tosin Praise-Fowowe,
COO, Center for Sex Education and Family Life, Child Abuse;

Seun Sangoleye,
Mom-In-Chief, Baby Grubz Nigeria, Healthy Feeding

The Moderator:

Pastor Osunmakinde Omorinola
CEO Jazzment Company,
Founder Babes Redefined Forum


For further enquiries please visit