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Food & Nutrition

by Flamingo Group in Forum · · 0 Replies Respond
Flamingo Group
Flamingo Group

Hi all,
We are a team of researchers working for Flamingo Group based in London. We would like to ask for your participation/contribution to the subject of Food & Nutrition in Nigeria. We are researching to find out how young women or mothers feel about Nutrition? Please see questions below and we will be very greatful if you could answer as many as you can. 
1) How do you generally feel about food / nutrition in Nigeria? 2) What kind of food do you eat regularly e.g. Nigerian / Western food?could you please share your reasons/influnces? What makes you want to eat those foods? 3) Who in your home makes the decision of what food to buy?4) Who prepares food in your home? and why? 5) Who does the food shopping in your home? and why?6) What social media sites do you tend to use? and why?
7) Which celebs would they follow Nigerian or Western?

Thank you very much for taking your time to go through the questions and your contribution will be much appreciated.